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baüne is a cognitive enterprise, solutions integrator of smart ecosystems, pioneering with a combination of emerging technologies such as edge computing, internet of things, remote management system, big data, mobile payments, artificial intelligence, blockchain, telecommunication (5G)  and Cognitive IoT.

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TC 2020

We have been selected to participate in the Canadian Tech Accelerator and If you’re an early stage investor and you plan to attend TC Disrupt, please stop by our booth to say hello.

La Nouvelle

Beaumont innovating in business with smart kiosk technology

The LIPK may look like a smart vending machine, but it has the capability to store and dispense the products of local businesses, such as home-based business products and even personal protective equipment such as masks or gloves.

Insight.Tech: Case Study

A Smart City Innovates with Smart Kiosks

Beaumont is looking to the future again as it begins to deploy next-generation kiosks using AI technology and computer vision to power economic development. The city is working with Baüne Ecosystem Inc. to install a new generation of intelligent kiosks in the city: LIPK, or Learning Intelligent Post-Exchange Kiosk.


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